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Cover for LZR-1143: Redemption!


Dead tree versions…

Okay folks, way past time to do another entry here.

My first announcement is slightly late (oops–so sue me). I now have a (gasp! wait for it) DEAD TREE VERSION of LZR-1143: Evolution!

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Answers to burning questions…

So I get a lot of questions to my blog and my email and my Facebook account, and surprisingly, most revolve around two questions. So here are my best answers to start off the new year right:

1. “When will LZR-1143: Evolution be available in paper?”

I first got into this gig with the electronic format, largely because it was so easy. The writing was the easy part for me. The hard part is formatting, pictures, editing of image sizes and margins, removing auto-formatting, etc., etc. These are things that not only try, but kill, men’s souls. However, due to overwhelming demand, and an abiding love and respect for those who wanted a dead-tree version to hold in their hands, I did the work and paid the money to get LZR-1143: Infection into paper. That decision was the right one, and I will be commissioning a paper copy of Evolution by the end of March this year. I will post again when it is available.

2. “When will LZR-1143: [Title TBD] be released?”

The short answer? When it’s written. =)

The long answer? Less satisfying and less pithy, but here goes: It is in process, and I am working on it. But I will be honest. I wanted to produce a quality book to round out the trilogy. I also wanted to make sure my mind was fresh and I had ample opportunity to write a great book. To that end, I also wanted to clear my mind of a couple other concepts before I truly pinned down the third book, so I have been working on some other … creations … before the third book is the majority of my writing time. One of those works is complete. The other is nearly complete. Once the deck has been cleared, the third book is my highest priority for completion.

“Wait a minute, dude. Does this mean you’re not working on number 3 at all? ‘Cause that’s bullshit.”

No! I am writing and outlining and working as much as I have time for. But I am only one partially competent man, and between an extraordinarily demanding day job and several other projects (I’m allowed to do other things, don’t judge me! =), I can only complete so much.

“But seriously, it’s been more than a year since Evolution. You must be really slow and lazy.”

Ha. Yes, I am. But also, we had a baby, I moved several times, and my torso stubbornly refuses to grow that third arm that would help immensely.

“Don’t you understand? We need to know what happens next!”

I have been reading Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series for the last 547 years. I understand your fracking pain, man. Truly. And I hate being ‘that guy,’ but … I guess patience is a virtue or some other unhelpful BS reply …

So I hope these answers bring peace to some restless souls. I love these stories, and I wish I could devote my life to this endeavor full time. Alas, I would need to sell, like 2ooo more copies per book per month to make that happen, and let’s be honest…I ain’t that good. =)

Happy new years everyone, and I seriously love you all for reading my work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and to you and your families, all the best wishes from me and mine.

Two posts, one day? Yeah, I must be dying or something.

Check out my friends over at Bricksofthedead.com, where they’ve been kind enough to post one of the shorts from LZR-1143: Perspectives on their site. They’re going to be running some sweet promotions on their site, so check in with them or ‘like’ them on Facebook–more freebies to come, I’m sure. 


LZR-1143: Within, a short novella, now available!

First off, I promise I’m working on the third in the series. Pinky swear. But in the meantime, I thought the holidays called for another short work set in the LZR-1143 universe, so for .99 you can pick up this novella from Amazon.com. It follows a group of people stuck in a big, windowless, dark building with no clue about what’s going on outside. 

But YOU know what’s going on outside, don’t you? Yeah you do.

Check it out. It’s cheaper than a damn Coke. =)

Just click down there, anywhere will do.

No, not there. On the picture.

That’s it. 



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